Honda Silicon Valley Lab (HSVL) is an open innovation lab. HSVL serves as the catalyst to accelerate Honda’s global information technology (IT) research and development (R&D). We understand that every revolutionary company starts with a dream and a dreamer. HSVL partners with talented entrepreneurs and tech companies to create cutting edge products and services for a superior customer experience. HSVL is located in the heart of Silicon Valley: Mountain View, CA.

Honda Xcelerator

Honda Xcelerator empowers breakthrough innovators to transform the automotive experience.

Honda Developer Studio

Honda Developer Studio gives you unprecendented access to information and resources to develop your app.


HSVL efforts are currently focused on the Connected Vehicle, Human Machine Interface (HMI), Big Data and Apps/Content.


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Honda Opens Door to Israeli Tech Community

Silicon Valley/Jerusalem, January 21, 2016 – Seeking new opportunities for collaboration, Honda will formally engage the Israeli tech community for the first time in a plenary address at the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, to be held January 25th in Jerusalem. Drawn in by mobility start-ups pursuing vehicle intelligence technologies, apps and software, along with several notable exits, Honda executives and engineers from Japan and… Read more »